Curriculum Overview

At Adswood Primary School we aim to provide a curriculum which is broad, balanced and relevant to childrens’ needs.

We are committed to raising standards in the basic skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing, the use of mathematics and computing. We aim to do this through an integrated, cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning. We use the Learning Challenge Curriculum to facilitate this.

In Foundation Stages 1 (Nursery) and 2 (Reception Class), the Early Years Framework forms the basis for teaching and learning in the key areas.

From Year 1-6, the National Curriculum 2014 is followed with an emphasis on children developing a range of subject specific skills as well as a breadth and depth of knowledge relating to each subject. Learning is enhanced by Visits, Visitors and Enrichment Days across school.

Please check out our other pages for more information on the core subjects:

Reading, Writing, Maths, Science, Computing, PSHE

The Learning Challenge Curriculum

The Learning Challenge Curriculum is built around the principle of greater pupil autonomy in their learning. It recognises the importance of deeper levels of knowledge and understanding to underpin pupils’ thinking, promoting working at greater depth. The Learning Challenge Curriculum is built around deep thinking and encourages pupils to learn using a question as a starting point. The LCC is delivered from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 6.


At Adswood Primary we aim to provide pupils with opportunities that will bring their learning to life. This might be visitors coming in to school to work alongside the pupils such as: the ‘Blitz Bombers,’ ‘Halle Orchestra’ and the ‘Mighty Zulu Nation’. or pupils visits out to museums, local heritage sites, parks, theatres . Enrichment Days are planned in school to launch a new challenge.

School Curriculum 2017