Attendance & Punctuality

If absence is unavoidable due to a child being ill, parents must contact school to explain their child’s absence. If no contact has been made by registration, a member of staff will contact you to ensure child is safe.

Please consult Guidance on infection control in schools to determine if your child should be kept away from school.

If pupil attendance falls below 90% during a half term, parents / guardians will receive a letter from school explaining that this is unacceptable and must improve. A referral will be made to the Education Welfare Officer, if attendance below 90% persists.

School starts at 8.50am and pupils are expected to arrive on time. The whistle will be blown on the playground at 8.50am when parents/carers are asked to leave to ensure childrens safe entry into school. The pastoral team will keep a log of late-comers and parents will be informed if this becomes a cause for concern.

Every lesson counts

Every interaction matters

Every day is vital


For further information please refer to the schools Attendance Policy