The health, (both mental and physical), safety and well-being of children who attend our school is our paramount concern. We will promote the health, well-being and safety of the pupils in all we do. Our pupils have a right to be safe in our school.

All adults who work with children have a duty to promote their welfare and keep them safe. All volunteers and paid workers in school must have an up to date DBS / CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) certificate / clearance.

We also have a duty to be sure that our children are safe outside school and at home. If we are concerned about possible child abuse, we shall report this to the appropriate officers in line with the our Safeguarding Policy.

There is a named person designated as the Designated Safeguarding Lead. This is the Headteacher Mrs Smart. This can be delegated to Mr Gee in Mrs Smarts absence or Mr Clarke/Miss Spragg – pastoral team. Alll have been DSL trained .

The coordination of Child Protection is guided by two principles:

If a member of staff suspects that a child in their class may be a victim of abuse, s/he will immediately inform the Headteacher or the Deputy headteacher in her absence. Abuse can be of a physical, sexual or emotional nature. It can also be the result of neglect. The school’s safeguarding policy can be viewed here or a copy can be requested at the school office.