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Year 2 Reds

Welcome to Year Two

Dear Pupils, Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back! We hope you are well rested and looking forward to a great successful year ahead as much as we are! It is going to be a busy and exciting year for us all with lots of creative and stimulating lessons planned.

This half term our year 2 children will be learning all about ‘Towers, Tunnels and Turrets’. Children will learn about the historic timeline of castles, different features of castles and their purpose as well as creating their very own castles. In science children will learn to make predictions during their experiments with regards to attacking and defending castles. In P.E children will be taught special skills in gymnastics and football.  Indoor gymnastics will take place every Monday afternoon and outdoor football on Wednesday afternoons. Can parents please ensure children bring in suitable footwear for outdoor P.E (i.e. trainers) for the half term.

Children’s reading books will be sent out regularly with their very own reading records which will allow parents and teachers to share comments regarding children’s reading success. Activity bags will be sent out in week 4, we look forward to seeing all the great creations!

A choice of healthy snacks will be available to children daily for a small charge of 20p per day. Children can bring in the money daily or pay up front for the week on Monday mornings.

We are looking forward to working with your child and sharing all the great work with yourselves. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries. Thank you!


Kind regards

Year 2 Team

Pupil Voice

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Celebration of Work


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Spring 2- Activity Bag

This half term our topic is called ‘Beat Band Boogie!’ It is a topic all about music. We will be having a visit from a member of the Halle Orchestra soon and we have already composed some music using things from a kitchen. It was VERY noisy!


For our activity bag we would love you to make your own instrument. You can use things that you have around your house and use the instructions in the activity bag to help you.

Spring 1-Activity Bag

Ahoy Me Harties,

 This half term our topic is called Land Ahoy! It is all about famous pirates and explorers. You have learned about pirate ships, designed pirate flags and now we would like you to design your own pirate hat.

 You can use the materials provided or you can use your imagination and things you might have at home, just like you did so amazingly for our last activity bag. The hats need to be finished before the last week of term.

 Good luck ye scurvy dogs!

Autumn 2-Activity Bag

Help the three little wolves!

The Big Bad Pig keeps destroying the houses that

the Three Little Wolves build.

For your activity bags we would like you to build a 3D house that the Big Bad Pig will not be able to knock down.

Once you have built your house write adjectives to describe it on the outside. You could write: strong,

tough, invincible or lots of other interesting words.

Good luck Year 2.

Autumn 1-Activity Bag

Terrific Towers!

Dear Year 2,


Our topic this half term is called Towers, tunnels and turrets. We have already done lots of work on castles in History and we have looked at tunnelling animals in Science. We have also learned about some famous towers and monuments from around the world.

For your activity at home we would like you to design and make a 3D tower. Try and think about the towers that we have looked at in Geography and research what they look like, how they are built and try building one of your own.

You can use lots of things that you will have around your house like paper, card, cardboard and tin foil. Try to make sure your tower stands up without any help.

Good luck