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Year 4 Reds

Welcome to Year 4!

Dear Parents/Carers,


A very warm welcome become back!  We hope that you have all enjoyed the summer holidays and are happy to be back with us for another fun filled year of learning.  The year 4 team are delighted to be back and are very much looking forward to beginning the new term.

Firstly, we would like to notify you of a few changes for the coming year:



We feel that all children would benefit from reading regularly, and so we will be sending home individual reading books with your child/children this week.  We want to encourage reading as much as possible

Activity Bag Homework Tasks will be given as usual each half term as we know that your children enjoy the chance to be creative and have lots of fun making masterpieces!


Your child/children will have P.E. on the following days:

Year 4 Reds / Miss Gregory                                 Year 4 Blues / Miss Harvey

Indoor: Thursday    Outdoor: Tuesday                 Indoor: Friday     Outdoor: Tuesday

Can we please ask all parents/carers to send their children with a pair or trainers on outdoor P.E. days.  Trainers can either be kept in school or taken home each week.


Secondly, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to any member of the Year 4 team at the end of the school day when collecting your children.  We are here to help and to make sure that all children are happy and achieving their full potential.


Thank you,

Miss Gregory                              Miss Harvey                              

Mr Sharp                                  Miss Hester

Pupil Voice


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Celebration of Work


In Year 4 Red's we do lots of of fun learning!


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Our American Afternoon!


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Runway Visitors Park & Terminal 2 Manchester Airport


Year 4 absolutely loved their trip to the Runway Visitors Park where they had the opportunity to; walk around the Concorde hanger and see it’s enormous nose, step on board an RJX deconstructed tester plane which showcased the inner workings of the aircraft and explore the sensory wonders of plane watching from a viewing platform!

Once inside the flight deck and cabin of the DC10, the children were able to dress up in role as cabin crew, airport police staff and air traffic controllers and many other roles.  Each child had the chance to experience life from the flight deck acting as either the captain or the first officer where they could act out piloting, giving commands and information to the passengers on board.

After arriving at Terminal 2, we explored the check-in desks, currency exchange and the busy world of both the arrivals and departures lounge.   We even weighed a few children on the luggage scales!


Images Coming Soon...


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Activity Bag- Spring 2

As part of out current theme, we have been learning about potions and their uses.  We have studied Plague cures and written recipes which have included key features of the genre.

We would like you to have some fun at home by creating your very own perfect potion! 

Think about any weird and wonderful ingredients you could add to your tonic (real or imaginary) and give it a suitably spectacular name!

Think about:

¨ Sealed containers; jars, plastic bottles, tubes etc.

¨ Labels; name and decoration, contents, warnings…

¨ Ingredients; flower petals, mud, glitter, colouring.


Have fun and get creative!

Year 4 Team.

Activity Bag- Spring 1

In year 4 Reds, we are currently learning about the Roman rule in Britain.  We would like you to create a Roman style weapon or armour similar to one that the Romans may have used when they    invaded our lands. Your weapon can be made out of any appropriate materials and can be any size.

Ideas to consider:

A protective helmet

- You could use tin foil to make it look as though it is made from metal?

- Use a plastic sweeping brush for the strip down the centre?

A dagger or sword.

- This could be made from card board or Papier-mâché?

- Use metalic paint for the blade and string or brown paper to cover the handle?

A shield

- Cut out a cereal box and cover with red or blue paint/tissue/paper?

- Use red card. Draw a symmetrical design on the front. Colour with metallic crayons/pens?


Try to find things around the house that you could ‘up-cycle’ to create something completely new.  Your task is due in during Spring week 5, W.B: 6th February 2017.  Get creative!

Activity Bag- Autumn 2

Our theme this half term is TRADERS AND RAIDERS!!! We are going to be learning about the vicious Vikings who invaded our lands during the dark ages.  We will learn about where they came from, why they came here and how they treated our people.

For your activity bag homework task, we would like you to design and make your very own model of a Viking long house. 

We have included a few images so that you can see what a typical house of the time would have looked like  and the types of things that would have been   outside in the surrounding area.  Also, we have given you a few facts about the way they lived hundreds of years ago. 

Cast your minds back to a wet and miserable cold land… 

Research building materials…


Make your models out of any suitable material, though we would suggest card as it is easy to bend and paint! We have included some materials for you to use.

TASK: Make a model Viking long house


If you have any questions, please ask a member of the Year 4 team.