Adswood Primary School

Enjoy, Believe, Achieve



At Adswood Primary School our vision is that children will become confident, capable, enthusiastic writers who develop a genuine love for writing. They will use writing to express themselves and communicate to others and will write independently for a range of purposes. They will be able to reflect on their own and others’ writing.

Writing begins with the physical development of fine and gross motor skills to enable children to pick up a pencil and begin to mark making leading to creative and confident writers through the primary years.

In EYFS, these skills are developed through play based learning and activities such as ‘Jump start Jonny’ to develop core body strength and ‘Dough disco’ to strengthen the muscles in children’s hands. In both FS1 and FS2 we have a ‘Finger Gym’ where children can complete a variety of challenges that are all aimed at developing their fine motor skills. Across the EYFS we encourage children to write by firstly encouraging them to mark make. This might be with big chalks on the playground, with paint brushes dipped in water or experimenting with different textures e.g. sand/shaving foam. We are constantly modelling and exposing children to writing in continuous provision and taught sessions with the intention of encouraging children to form recognisable letters starting with those that are in their names.

From Year 1 - 6 a suggested text is used to develop writing skills.  The texts are linked to the Learning Challenge Curriculum.

The Letters and Sounds scheme introduces how to transfer sounds to print. Children are then encouraged to use their phonic knowledge in their writing. Letters and Sounds is a phased approach introduced in FS1 and continued through to Year 2.

Penpals Handwriting Scheme - Motor skills are developed further through the whole school handwriting scheme, Penpals. This is taught daily from Reception through to Year 6. Children have their own handwriting books which demonstrates how their writing progresses from mark marking through to cursive script.

From Year 3 through to Year 6 children follow the No Nonsense Spelling scheme which covers spelling strategies and methods for learning commonly misspelt words for each year group.