Adswood Primary School

Enjoy, Believe, Achieve




At Adswood Primary School our vision is that children will develop a life-long love for reading and an appreciation of a range of books. We intend that our pupils will be both independent and reflective readers who can read fluently and for meaning. We aim that children use a variety of reading skills to enable them to access all other areas of learning.


This begins with letters and sounds from Nursery through to Year 1. Letters and Sounds is a detailed and systematic programme for teaching reading. Letters and Sounds aims to build children’s speaking and listening skills as well as developing their phonic knowledge and skills. Reading begins in Nursery with children being taught to tune in to the sounds around them and to begin developing oral blending and segmenting skills. From here children are taught sounds for letters or groups of letters and will begin to practice blending (reading) and segmenting (spelling) through interactive games and activities.


Bookball is our whole school approach to shared reading. Bookball ensures that all children are heard to read and discuss their reading through a variety of comprehension based activities. At Adswood children have access to a wide range of genres, authors and series of books in our vibrant and inviting reading rocket. Every child has the opportunity to take home a book from our reading rocket and change it as frequently as necessary. We promote reading with parents by sending home reading records informing parents of reading that has taken place in school and encourage them to share their children’s reading at home.


At the end of every school day each teacher will share a class read promoting a love of reading and exposure to a rich reading diet. The set texts for each class are selected from the suggested texts from Focus Education.


For children who need extra support our teaching assistants deliver precise and high quality reading interventions during the afternoon. Teachers and teaching assistants work in partnership to boost children where they need it most. This is specific intervention can be one to one or small group and targets a specific need whether it be phonics or comprehension.


Children’s reading is formally assessed every half-term. Phonics is assessed in EYFS and Year One and comprehension in Year One to Year Six. We use the Salford Reading Test to provide each child from Years one to six with a reading age. This data is then monitor progress and to highlight children for strategic intervention.