Adswood Primary School

Enjoy, Believe, Achieve

School Council

Each year pupils are asked to write a letter to the headteacher to apply for the position of a school council leader in their class.  Meetings take place each month and are led by Miss Syddall our PSHCE lead.  All pupils contributions are valued in our school and we encourage our pupils to take an active role in ensuring school improvement.

Smarty Pants Meeting


Each term the headteacher meets with a group of pupils to discuss school improvement.


Tea with the Deputy


To promote pupil voice and ensure all children have a voice, pupils are given opportunities to discuss school life with the deputy.

"We enjoy having tea with our Deputy
On a Monday afternoon at 3
We are free to talk and express how we feel
There is no pressure so it's no big deal
If there's something we don't like today
We feel it really is OK to say.
But most of the time things go well
So usually its good news to tell
It's cool that we kids have a voice
And we are listened to out of choice
Our Deputy is a real good lad
He's fair, He's fun and a star in class!"