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Visitors, Visits and Enrichment (VVE)

Welcome to our V.V.E page. It will inform you of all the exciting and rich opportunities which we provide here at Adswood Primary School to engage our children in their learning.

World Book Day

On Thursday 2nd March, 2017, pupils and staff arrived at school dressed as their favourite book characters. We enjoyed a day of fun activities, which promoted an awareness of culture and our literary heritage. To give a lead to the days activities, the staff chose to be characters from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Classes took part in a variety of activities which linked to the all areas of the National Curriculum. Pupil's quoted. "This has been the best day ever, can we do it everyday?"

Mighty Zulu Nation Day

They Mighty Zulu Nation, a cast of professional Zulu's from the Kingdom Kwa-Zulu Natal (South Africa), visited our School on the 28th February, 2017. Throughout the day they worked with the whole school positively promoting: an awareness of cultural diversity, racial equality, citizenship, positive perceptions without prejudice and being role models for pupils of all ages. The day consisted of a whole school welcome; which was exciting and entertaining, various musical and artistic workshops and concluded with a performance by both pupils and Zulu's with both parents and careers.

Year 6's Gallery Rebels Day

 On Monday 27th February, 2017, Year 6 invited a local artist; Danielle Cartwright into their classroom to make art together! They found out what art and artists had inspired their visitor's work, looked at work they had brought in and listened to explanations of the ways in which each piece had been created. The whole day consisted of them joining in with practical activities, developing Year 6 art skills which were led by the visiting artist. Fun was had by all!

Year 5 and 6's Magical Experience

On Wednesday 11th January, 2017, Years 5 and 6 welcomed 'Stevie Mandini' into their classrooms- a real life magician! Children and staff alike were in awe and amazement at the tricks he performed. Throughout the day, they were given the opportunity to practice and learn some of these tricks for themselves resulting in each child receiving an envelope of tricks to take home and perform at their leisure.

The reason for his visit was to ignite the children's natural curiosity and stimulate their imagination, by providing them with a hook on which to build their writing on.

Year 3's Birds of Prey Day

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To Kick start this half terms theme of ‘Predator’ we invited Chris from SMJ Falconry in with his beautiful birds of prey to talk to us about food chains, adaptations for hunting and lots of other interesting information. We all had a turn holding ‘Bubbles’ the Tropical Screech Owl and were amazed at Oslo the Harrier Hawk flying around our classroom!