Adswood Primary School

Enjoy, Believe, Achieve


Attendance Policy



Adswood Primary school promotes the view that regular attendance is important to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for all of our children and that absence from school creates a barrier to learning. We feel that the whole school community takes responsibility for attendance.



 To raise attendance

 Improve punctuality

 To raise level of achievement

 Maximise opportunities both in school and in later life.



Reasons for absence

Parents and carers are asked to contact the school office by phone or in person if their child needs to be absent from school.

Authorised absences include:

Sickness, hospital appointments, dentist, religious holidays, clinic and funerals. Medical appointments should be arranged if possible outside the school day. Where this is not possible it is expected that pupils only miss part of the school day.

Unauthorised absences include:

*Family holidays, shopping, visiting relatives, buying shoes, going for a haircut, birthdays or looking after parents or siblings.


The school supports the view that every lesson counts and every day in school matters. Parents and carers should not take children out of school during term-time for family holidays. Fines may be imposed on parents and carers who ignore this advice. A holiday taken during term-time will reduce a child's chances of achieving the annual target attendance of 97%+ and could lead to a child's attendance falling below an acceptable level, which could in turn lead to court action against parents or carers. Neither the school nor parents would want this to happen so it is important that parents and carers ensure that holidays are not taken during term-time.

Parents wishing to take their child on extended visits to other countries to visit relatives must consult with the headteacher for permission which may not always be granted.  For example, if a class is full, school has the right to remove a child from the school register when an extended holiday is planned for that child, so that the place is freed up for a new applicant.  Should this happen and parents wish the child to return to school after the extended holiday, a new application would have to be made for a place in the school but a place cannot be guaranteed.


Response to absence

The class teacher will mark pupils who are present but leave a blank for pupils who are not. The blank space will be filled in and coded by the Learning Mentor as appropriate after the close of registration. The Learning Mentor will monitor individual children who are falling below the school target for attendance and a letter will be sent to the child’s parents alerting them of their child’s attendance score at the end of each half term. The Learning Mentor will monitor pupil attendance and punctuality daily.

The school office will notify the Learning Mentor of messages from parents/guardians regarding a child’s absence.

On the first day of absence, the Learning Mentor will telephone parents / carers .

The Headteacher will  be notified by the Learning Mentor of individual children who are falling below the school target for attendance and a letter will be sent to the child’s parents alerting them of their child’s attendance score at the end of each half term.

Where children have persistent attendance problems the Headteacher will invite parents/ carers into school to a formal meeting.

Chronic non-attendance will be referred to the Education Department for follow-up work.

The school secretary will print off class % attendance at the end of each week and these will be shared with staff and pupils by the Headteacher at Monday morning’s assembly. Classes which achieve or exceed 97%+ weekly attendance will be rewarded class points.

Individuals achieving 100% attendance will be rewarded each half term where the pupils name will be entered into a raffle to win high street vouchers. If they have achieved 100% all year they will be invited to a VIP day out.


School starts at 8:50 am and it is expected that all children will arrive at school on time.

Lateness is classed as any child coming into school between 9.00 am and 9:20am. After 9.20am registers will be closed and the pupils will be recorded as a ‘U’ register. This will affect their attendance.

Monitoring and Evaluation.

Parents will be kept informed of school and individual attendance figures throughout the school year, via phone calls and letters to parents.

The school will employ a range of strategies to encourage good attendance and punctuality, such as stickers, certificates and prizes for children who achieve 100% attendance each half term or show marked improvement in attendance or punctuality. The Learning Mentor will identify children who require attendance / punctuality reward charts to help them to improve in these areas.


- Registers of all classes are kept and monitored by the Learning Mentor daily.

- Log kept of all children who arrive late.

- Log kept of all children daily for whom no notification for absence has been received and of phone calls made to parents.

Attendance figures analysed weekly and half-termly by individual, class, year group and whole school figures.

Whole school percentages are shared with governors in Headteacher’s termly report.

The Learning Mentor will meet regularly with the Local Authority Young People's Worker and Headteacher to discuss figures. All practices will be reviewed annually.