Adswood Primary School

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Collective Worship Policy



Collective Worship is central to the fulfillment of the school’s vision statement to develop the potential of each child in a caring community.

The daily act of Collective Worship at a state school is a statutory requirement.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from all, or parts of Collective Worship.

Collective Worship is a time of togetherness and sharing for the school community.

At Adswood Primary School, the act of Collective Worship is performed at a whole school or class assembly at the start of each school day 9.05am – 9.20am. (9.00 -10.00am on Fridays for Merit assembly).

Assembly is an opportunity for the whole school to share and value our work at school, a time for celebration and reflection and an opportunity to consider morals, values and practices that are held to be important in our school and in our lives.


Aims of assembly and Collective Worship

To provide opportunities for children to:

  • Consider spiritual and moral issues
  • Explore, value and respect other beliefs and traditions
  • Participate and respond in a variety of ways, e.g. through active involvement, response to an image/object or listening to and reflecting upon stories.
  • Recognise a pattern/ritual within Collective Worship.
  • Provide a quiet time for prayer and reflection
  • Think of the needs of others and develop a sense of community
  • Sing, use sign language, listen to and move to music
  • Celebrate “good things”, praise achievements and recognise own potential and worth.


The Law requires Collective Worship to be in the main broadly Christian in character.
There will also be times when secular issues or awareness of other faiths and religious traditions are raised, e.g during a special week each term when assemblies concentrate on Islam or Judaism or special assemblies which are held by visitors to celebrate special days relating to their faiths and cultures such as Chinese and Thai new year, or Buddhist or Hindu festivals.

  • The Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, teaching staff, visitors or children may lead Collective Worship.
  • Collective Worship provides an opportunity for learning how to behave in large social gatherings and for learning how to perform in front of an audience and how to respond appropriately to such performances. 
  • Collective Worship will be monitored by discussion at staff and governors meetings.
  • Parents are invited to join us on Friday for assembly and collective worship


Adswood Primary School seeks to create a positive learning environment in which all the children will flourish and gain the self-confidence needed to fulfill their unique potential. The conscious effort made to promote cultural and spiritual values will create a secure community and foster a positive learning environment. It will nurture and develop the children’s insight into their beliefs.

Review date: September 2017