Adswood Primary School

Enjoy, Believe, Achieve

Equality and Diversity Statement


Strand Lead Success Criteria Monitoring Impact
Sex - Ensure both boys and girls receive Sex and Relationships Education appropriate to their needs, (including where appropriate, knowledge and understanding of pregnancy, maternity, sexual orientation and gender reassignment). Michelle Smart supported by class teams. Positive and informed feedback from parents and pupils. Planning, lessons, ‘Tea with Deputy’, parent questionnaires. Pupils and parent knowledge and understanding of SRE is clear.
Race, religion or belief – Ensure pupils have knowledge and understanding of different faiths, cultures and at least one modern foreign language. Michelle Smart supported by all staff and governor responsible for Difference and Diversity’. Positive and informed feedback from parents and pupils,including those who are from ethnic minorities.  Successful themed weeks. Parent and pupils questionnaires, ‘Tea with Deputy’, planning and pupil response during assemblies and lessons and around school. Pupil and parent response to different faiths and cultures is respectful to all.
Disability – Ensure all pupils are totally included in every aspect of curriculum and school life regardless of SEN or Disability and the school’s admission policy reflects equality of opportunity for SEND pupils. SEND CO and  designated governor  for SEND Positive feedback from parents, pupils , LA and others, e.g. Ofsted, service providers.
Inclusive policies and practice throughout and across school.
Wheelchair access, sign language, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning (VAK), interpretor of ‘mother tongue, where required.
Stakeholder questionnaires
Pupil SEND Reviews , tracking of pupil progress and evaluated IEPs. Feedback from parents and multi-agencies.
Individuals needs are adequately and SEND pupils are included in every aspect of school life and the curriculum.