Adswood Primary School

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Lettings Policy


  1. The facilities available for letting will be at the discretion of the Governing Body.

  1. It is intended that lettings should operate on a commercially viable basis.

  1. The Governing Body reserves the right to change or amend the Conditions of Hire at any time giving reasonable notice.

  1. The rooms/facilities will be let at a price determined by the Governing Body and set out in the Conditions of Hire. Further charges may be levied if additional costs are incurred.

  1. The Governing Body will only let rooms/facilities to groups or individuals who are not in conflict with the aims of the School.

  1. Smoking is not allowed inside the School buildings or on School grounds.

  1. Food and drink may only be consumed in prescribed areas and by arrangement.

  1. The hirer is responsible for the health and safety of all persons using the premises as set out in the Conditions of Hire.

  1. The Governing Body may request the hirer take out extra insurance when deemed necessary.

  2. The hirer should have due regard to any licences required to cover activities held on the premises.

  3. The aims of the policy will be reviewed regularly.

  4. Full details of Conditions of Hire are available from the School.


Review date: September 2017