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PE Policy



The school believes that Physical Education experienced in a safe and supportive environment is a vital element in a pupil’s physical and emotional development. High quality Physical Education also promotes pupil health and contributes to our whole school ethos. Physical Education is the only subject in the National Curriculum concerned with the physical well-being of the child and also contributes significantly to the personal, cognitive, creative and social child. As such, it is important that all children are given a broad and balanced Physical Education curriculum in school; access to a range of extra- curricular activities and competitive experiences and that pathways are provided into club and community settings for sustained engagement. We believe that Physical Education and School Sport can have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all our children.  


The Curriculum 

The curriculum is designed to provide equality of access and opportunity for each individual irrespective of ability, experience, cultural background, interests or gender. The Physical Education curriculum aims to provide for pupils’ increasing self-confidence through an ability to manage themselves and problem solve successfully in a variety of situations.

A balance of individual, team, cooperative and competitive activities aim to cater for all individual needs and abilities. The scheme of work is based on progressive learning objectives which, combined with varied and flexible teaching styles, endeavours to provide an appropriate, stimulating, challenging and enjoyable learning environment for all pupils.

As well as promoting an understanding of the benefits of exercise, Physical Education is considered as a vehicle to facilitate access to cross-curricular themes, skills and dimensions.



  • To aid our children’s physical development and fitness, building stamina, suppleness and strength.
  • To promote a positive, enthusiastic and committed attitude to Physical Education through fun and enjoyable lessons and activities.
  • To develop the skills, knowledge and understanding children need to take part in sport successfully.
  • To encourage pupils to become willing participants and value the contribution that Physical Education and exercise can make towards their health, well-being and lifestyle.
  • To develop in each child an appreciation of physical and creative performances within and through movement.
  • To develop an ability to plan a range of movement sequences, organise equipment and apparatus, and begin to design and apply simple rules
  • To develop an ability to remember, adapt and apply knowledge, practical skills and concepts in a variety of movement based activities.
  • To assess and make judgements on their own and other’s performances.
  • To develop communication skills, encouraging the use of correct terminology.
  • To provide opportunities for active learning through observation, demonstration and problem-solving.
  • To promote understating of safe practice in all activities.
  • To focus on individual success in order to build pupil’s self-confidence and self-esteem. 
  • To be able to take part effectively on their own, with partners and in groups both in competitive and cooperative situations.
  • To appreciate the importance of fair play and of abiding by the rules and codes of conduct in all activities.
  • To encourage involvement in extra- curricular activities and develop community and club links.
  • To help our children develop physical competence and have the desire to improve their performance so they are able to make informed decisions about the value of exercise



Our curriculum offers pupils a broad and balanced programme using Schemes of Work developed from a range of resources. Currently we offer 120 minutes at KS1 and 120+ minutes at KS2. Qualified coaches for gymnastics, games, football and dance support the delivery of some curriculum areas. This is supplemented by our extra-curricular activities which are led by qualified staff. We also provide ‘Funky Friday’ clubs some of which are of a physical nature. We offer a broad range of active clubs delivered by a range of school, community and club providers – Sale Sharks, Cheadle Cricket Club, Football Coach.  An SSCO provides curriculum support for staff to aid, develop and sustain the delivery of high quality Physical Education. The school has access to further INSET through the local School Sports Partnership.


Continuity and Progression

The curriculum promotes physical development, knowledge and understanding in the Early Years Foundation Stage and at Key Stage 1 & 2, through six activity areas in line with the National Curriculum: 

  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Games
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Outdoor and adventurous activities 

There will be a progression from Nursery to Year 6 as outlined in our curriculum planning documents in the appendix. We recognise that our pupils are at different levels in their skill and knowledge development. Differentiation is achieved by providing practical tasks which allow children to succeed according to their individual ability. We will seek to explore cross curricular opportunities whenever possible.


Health and Safety

  • Teachers establish codes of practise and rules in line with Stockport Council guidance.
  • All children must be suitably dressed
  • Earrings removed and no other jewellery worn
  • Long hair should be tied back
  • It is essential to ensure that pupils have the necessary strength and skills to undertake tasks.
  • Fixed and portable equipment is inspected annually by an outside approved agency.
  • Apparatus should be properly set up, stable, well spaced and checked by teachers before use.
  • Pupils need to be taught to handle equipment safely when lifting, carrying and placing it.


Extra-Curricular Programme

We offer an extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities for all pupils. We consult with them when planning the programme using questionnaires and the Sports Council representatives. We aim to offer all children the opportunity to:- 

  • participate in a wider variety of physical activities,
  • develop more advanced skills in specific sports,
  • take part in intra and inter school competition

This involves using existing staff expertise, Adults Other Than Teachers with suitable experience and coaches from the Stockport Approved Coaches Register.



Upper Key Stage two children have the opportunity to train as Junior Play Leaders and organise games activities for younger pupils during lunchtime.

Opportunities exist for developing leadership during PE lessons throughout Ks1 and Ks2 and children are rewarded through the Stockport Olympic Leadership Award.  

Pupils in upper KS2 are also provided with the opportunity to support and lad events/activities such as Sports Day.

Pupils within lower key stage 2 to help set up, organise and run a ‘Change for Life; club which aims to promote healthy lifestyles.


Active Playgrounds

We are working towards raising activity levels by involving all pupils in structured activity led by midday supervisors each lunchtime.

This project aims to improve behaviour, reduce the number of playground incidents and lead to more focused learning after the lunch break.



We aim to offer Level 1 (intra class) and Level 2 (inter school) competitive opportunities to all our pupils.

We access a wide range of competitions in our local area, hosted at high schools, primary schools and local community club sites. Pupils from Year 1 -6 have the opportunity to represent their school in inter school leagues, tournaments and festivals.


Healthy Active Lifestyles

Our Active Lunchtimes encourage all our pupils to be active on a daily basis regardless of circumstances

Change4life clubs focus on our less engaged pupils giving them the opportunity to take part in a fun and supportive environment.

Healthy Lifestyle days and weeks get the whole school focusing on the importance of exercise and diet – Walk to School fortnight.



Assessment takes place at the end of each term using activity milestones that progress towards the end of key stage requirements. This assessment tool is used to inform future teaching and planning and is a record of pupil achievement.

We use Assessment for Learning processes during lessons and involve pupils in both self and peer assessment. The children are encouraged to evaluate their own and others performance and to realise the importance of sensitivity when assessing the performance of others.

Parents are informed of pupil’s progress each year in annual written reports and at parent’s evening.

End of KS2 information is transferred to the high school.



Physical Education resources are stored centrally and are managed by the Physical Education Coordinator.


Roles and Responsibilities

The Headteacher has responsibility for: 

  • ensuring that this policy is being implemented, and that it is congruent with national policy and the guidance from the Local Authority,
  • ensuring that equipment is inspected annually and that risk assessments are reviewed annually or following an incident,
  • accounting for the allocation and spending of the Primary Physical Education and Sports Premium Funding and displaying this information on the school website.

The Governing Body is responsible for ratification and approval of the Physical Education policy. 

The PE Coordinator working with the Headteacher has the responsibility for: 

  • coordinating a broad and balanced Physical Education curriculum and ensure continuity and progression throughout the school,
  • reviewing resources with all members of staff,
  • making opportunities for Continuing Professional Development training available to all staff,
  • annually reviewing the School’s Development Plan and setting targets for the future,
  • monitoring and evaluating pupil’s progress in Physical Education 

The class teachers are responsible for the delivery of high quality Physical Education to their class and for assessing their pupils’ achievement formatively and summatively in line with National Curriculum requirements and school policy.