Adswood Primary School

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Visitor Policy


In order to safeguard the children in our care and to protect the interests of all those who work in the school we have a policy for the admission and
management of visitors to the building.
It is most important that only those people who need to have access to the building are allowed to enter and that the reason for their visit and their
identity is checked before they are allowed to enter the building. It is also important to remember that we are a school working in close partnership with our parents, consequently a sensitive, tactful and caring approach to them is appropriate at all times.

Visitors to the school will fall into a number of categories including:

Parents and family members arriving with, collecting or visiting children within the setting
Education professionals such as Educational Psychologists, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, music tutors, learning or behaviour support teachers
LA representatives
Teachers from other schools
Healthcare professionals carrying out screening checks with groups or
working with individual children, for example Speech Therapists
Sports Coaches
Club Leaders and Tutors
Government officials
Local Councillors

Some discretion will need to be applied. For example:

Is this a one off visit?
Is the person going to come into unsupervised contact with children?
Can the person be escorted around the building to carry out their visit?

All visitors to the school will be asked to wait in the entrance foyer until the reason for their visit to the school has been checked.
Visitors other than staff or governors will have photo identification and DBS details on their person.
In this case the visitor may have access to the building and if needing to work with specific children access to them.
If they cannot produce their photo ID then unsupervised entry will not be allowed.
All visitors entering the school will complete the visitor’s log stating the reason for their visit when they enter and exit the building.
All visitors will be issued with a school visitor’s badge to be worn enabling all staff and children to know that the suitable checks have taken place.
Any visitor in school not displaying a school visitors badge will be challenged by members of staff.

The majority of people visiting school on business reasons will have a DBS and will carry evidence of this. In these cases we will need to see the DBS form itself so that we can check the reference number on their initial visit to the school and log the details where appropriate.

If the visitor is meeting one of the school staff, the member of staff will be informed and will meet the visitor in the school entrance or the visitor will be escorted to meet the member of staff. If the member of staff is not available the visitor will be asked to wait in the school entrance.

All visitors who will be working with children will be asked to provide proof of identity and a valid DBS before being all allowed to enter the building and make contact with children. On subsequent visits once the person’s identity has been checked and referenced against the recorded DBS details the visitor may carry out their business in school.

The information from the DBS form will be logged on the appropriate log sheet which is a part of the central record. This will need to be done only
once as for subsequent visits a visual check only will be necessary.

Volunteers including parents and work experience students:

Volunteers support the school in a number of ways, including:

supporting individual pupils and small groups;
hearing pupils read;
helping with classroom organisation;
helping with the supervision of children on school trips or swimming;
helping with art or subjects involving other practical activities;
transporting pupils to and from events, etc.

Volunteers are not allowed to do the following activities:

take responsibility for all or some of the whole class;
change children, or supervise them changing;
supervise children engaged in PE or other specialist activities without a teacher in charge;
take children off the school site without a teacher in charge;
The responsibility for the health and welfare of the child remains with the class teacher at all times.

Police checks

For the children’s safety, all volunteer helpers are required to have police
clearance through the DBS before they work in the school. In the case of regular volunteers this will be via a full DBScheck but
in the case of single occurrences such as supporting a school trip this will be not be required but helpers must be known to the school and report to the school office before joining the trip. In the event of the check not being a full DBS disclosure the adult must never have unsupervised access to
pupils. Details of checks are recorded on the SCR.

The Headteacher has the authority not to accept the help of volunteers if she believes it will not be in the best interests of the children.

Deployment of classroom helpers

It is the policy of this school that parent helpers do not support in their own child’s classroom, as this can be distracting for the child, and perhaps place the class teacher in an uncomfortable situation. Helpers will be asked to support in classes in which there is the most need for individual support.

Visitors to the school without a valid DBS must not be allowed to have unsupervised access to children or to the building itself.
Visitors in school not displaying a visitors badge will be challenged by staff.