Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. The Year 1 team would like to share our exciting learning journey as a Year 1 pupil at Adswood Primary School.
Our aim is to provide a smooth transition from reception to the Year 1 curriculum. We do this by creating a love of learning through fun and engaging lessons and the use of our outdoor quad which children have access to.

In mathematics children learn new skills with the support of pictorial and concrete materials. This allows them to explore their learning and apply their skills to problem solve and become confident mathematicians.

In literacy children are exposed to lots of stimuli which excites and hooks them into new topics and promotes writing. Year 1 enjoy taking ownership over their work and becoming mini authors that love to read and write.

In relation to this, all children in Year 1 must complete a phonics screening check in the summer term. The check consists of 20 real words and 20 pseudo words that a pupil reads aloud to the teacher. This is designed to assess their phonic knowledge. In order to prepare children for this we have daily phonics lessons, phonics interventions, after school clubs, guided reading sessions and we share stories throughout the day.

Our Learning Challenge Curriculum questions incorporate history, geography, science, design and technology, art and computing skills.
These are:
· Why are humans not like tigers?
· What do Aliens think of life on Planet Earth?
· Why do penguins not live in the desert?
· Is the Xbox more fun than Grandma and Grandad’s old toys?
· Where do the leaves go to in winter?
. Where d, and did, the wheels on the bus go?

In addition, pupils have the chance to learn to play a musical instrument such as the glockenspiel. They are also exposed to a range of activities in P.E which allows them to showcase their performance skills.

To broaden children’s experiences and bring their learning to life we provide them with the opportunity to go on school trips. The school trips we go on link to our topics to deepen their learning and understanding and provide them with a real life context.