Year 2

In this class we have lots of fun learning through exciting and adventurous means. Here is an insight into what our children participate in throughout the year:


In Literacy we work through a series of books such as ‘Wild’, ‘The Man on the Moon’, ‘Traction Man’ and ‘Best world book week ever’. Through revising these books children learn to read and write for various purposes such as perfecting their Grammar (Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs and Expanded noun phrases) as well as gaining mastery at their present, past and future tenses. Children also gain confidence in writing different purposeful genres such as writing letters, recounts, information texts and comics etc.

As year 2 marks the end of Key stage 1, children are expected to sit their SATs tests at the end of the year therefore their revision and preparations commence Spring 2 onwards. The revision includes small and large groups of booster sessions as well as offering interventions to those children who may benefit from these sessions.

Here in year 2 we promote reading on a daily basis and find fun ways of inclusive reading sessions for  children of all abilities, for example ‘Read to me’ and ‘carrousel reading activities’.


We follow the ‘White rose Maths Scheme’ in maths throughout our school. This scheme allows children to work through number and place value first followed by statistics, geometry, time, fractions and measurement. Children enjoy working through this scheme as it works to build their skills step by step consolidating their learning through fun and practical means.

Learning Curriculum Challenge (LCC)

The LCC allows children to learn a range of topics through an investigative approach by working through a range of probing questions. The initial questions allow children to come up with further questions that interest them as well as speaking to their parents to add their input/interests which they then bring to class and work together to investigate and learn further about. Some examples of initial questions are as follows:


‘Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet?’, ‘What is your school made of?’, ‘How can you be the next master chef?’, ‘How will 5 a day help you be healthy?’, and ‘How could you be the next Mo Farrah?’.


‘Who lives in a place like this?’, ‘How different would my life be if I lived in Pakistan?’, ‘Why do we love to be besides the sea side?’ and ‘How have Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela helped to make the world a better place?’

Art/ D&T:

Children use a variety of materials to design and make products as well as using paints, drawings and sculpture to develop and share their ideas. Children learn about ideas and great work by renowned artists, designers and craft makers. Children also enjoy developing a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space.


The best part of children’s learning and enjoyment comes from their special visitors, visits and enrichment activities. We have been fortunate to welcome lots of inspiring, fun and admirable guests to our school for example the ex rugby champion George, Animal instincts visiting with their lovely snakes and lots of exciting animals, M&M productions and lots more! We have also had the pleasure to visit lots of fun and exciting places to enhance our learning and understanding of the world around us for example visiting the Eitihad stadium, Lego land, Sea life and CMA etc.

Our special weeks at school allow children the opportunity to celebrate themed weeks such as science week, aspirations week, one world week and Best of British week. These special weeks boost children’s learning and understanding of different aspects of life practically through experiencing fabulous assemblies led by inspiring guests, educational visits and lots of practical hands on sessions/experiences throughout school.


Children have the privilege to participate in professionally coach led in-door and out-door activities every half term. These activities include Gymnastics dance, Puppet dance, Movement skills, Invasion games, as well as gaining rounders and football skills etc.


Here at our school children have the privilege of occupying an Ipad each which allows them to gain huge amounts of skills and confidence throughout the year. For example they learn to code, use algorithm , program and debug simple programs, create context as well as learning about internet safety whilst online.


Children enjoy and learn about music through the ‘Charanga scheme of work’. This scheme teaches children about different instruments, tone, pace and allows them to sing along.


Following the curriculum children in year 2 children learn about Christianity, Judaism and Islam. To make their learning fun and memorable we welcome guests from different religious backgrounds as well as paying visits to their special places of worship.