One World Week

At Adswood Primary School everybody from EYFS-Y6 celebrate and enjoy the buzz of a special week ‘One world week’. Well, where do we start with this week?

Our fascinatingly engaging, stimulating and exciting week begins with whole school assemblies of different faiths, cultures and beliefs. These hands on and practical assemblies allow children and staff to engage in learning and activities that leave long term lasting experiences and fond memories.

Some of the activities that children participate in include the learning about the religion and culture of Christians (Christianity), Muslims (Islam), Jewish (Judaism), Hindus (Hinduism), Buddhist (Buddhism) and people from the Bahai faith (Bahai).

During One world week as well as welcoming inspiring guest and speakers to our school from different faiths and cultures, children have the privilege of visiting various places of worship of different religions.

This year some of our most exciting trips to places of worship included visits to:

Cheadle Mosque Association: Children learnt and experienced the way Muslim people live in accordance to their religious duties. Children learnt to write their names in Arabic, participated in ‘Ablution’ (Muslim way of cleansing their body) and prayer and role played dressing up in the Muslim manner.
Manchester Reform Synagogue: Children were able to learn all about the Jewish faith and religion. They learnt about Sabbath, the Torah and the Jewish way of life through practising their religious duties.
Davenport Methodist Church: Our whole school exciting and stimulating trip to the church allowed children to look around the church, go on a hunt finding symbols and their meaning, familiarise themselves with the building and its purpose as well as participating in inspiring talks to understand the significance of Jesus to Christians.

Community Culture Market

This year at Adswood primary school we celebrated the first ever hugely successful ‘Culture Market’ for our community. This market was enjoyed and appreciated by all our parents, carers, friends and families. It was a fun and fantastic way to bring all our diverse community together to celebrate the different religions, faiths and cultures of

Some of the most exciting religious stalls included Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Bahai, and Buddhist workshops and artefacts.

To celebrate our community’s diverse cultures we had a variety of stalls. Some of these stalls consisted of Arabic calligraphy, dressing up, Bollywood dance workshops, British cafe, Easter card making, face painting, Henna art, Asian/Italian food, French storytelling, African braids, nail art, and lots more!

Our fantastically fun and engaging ‘One world week’ came to an end with a great celebration assembly delivered by our deputy head ‘Mr Gee’ and enjoyed by the whole school accompanied by their family and friends!

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