AcSEED Award


AcSEED Accreditation
The AcSEED review of your school self-assessment is now complete. The review concluded that Adswood Primary School meets the AcSEED criteria for emotional wellbeing and mental health support, and has therefore been accredited with The AcSEED Award. Congratulations! June 2021.

Term of Accreditation
Your AcSEED accreditation is valid for a period of 3 calendar years from the date of this award, after which you may apply to renew the accreditation.

Assessment Observations
The AcSEED review team were particularly impressed with:

Dedicated pastoral and inclusion team.
Wellbeing co-ordinator with strong and relevant qualifications and experience, and other staff with training such as MHFA.
Safeguarding governor has relevant knowledge from role as a mental health nurse.
Dedicated Mental Health and Wellbeing policy document that is on the school’s website.
Range of peer support roles such as Restorative Captains.
Worry box.
Wellbeing curriculum tailored to meet needs of pupils and community.
Wide range of external groups used to enhance pupils awareness of wellbeing, including theme weeks.
Examples used of historic discrimination and stigma.
Use of restorative approaches.
Pupil voice meetings with diversity of students attending and being heard.
Case study to evaluate impact of interventions.
Staff wellbeing questionnaires.
Using input from external agencies to teach parents/families.
Emotional Health and Wellbeing levelled provision map.
Use of CPOMS.
Buddy benches.
Inclusion co-ordinator working towards ELSA training.
PCM and team lead staff training on wellbeing.
Support 1-1 for parents/families.
Workshops for e-safety.
Good links with external support and health agencies.

Ofsted Good Provider
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