Here at Adswood Primary we pride ourselves on developing the ‘whole’ child and providing opportunities which allow our pupils to shine. Music runs right through our school life, from pupils singing and signing to popular songs in morning assembly-look at our values songs, learning times tables and scientific concepts through song, singing in French and participating in a weekly hour long music lesson where pupils learn to play various instruments. Pupils’ performance skills really come alive during our school productions-ask anybody who watched ‘The Greatest Show’! Theatre trips, performing at local care homes and churches and joining the school choir also allow our pupils to appreciate music and share their talents with our community.

Key Stage 1
Pupils will learn how to listen, explore and perform in music. They will be provided with the opportunity to explore and see what sounds they can make as well as learning to play the glockenspiel.
Pupils will be taught to:
• Listen and understand pieces of music.
• Find a pulse and move to it.
• Use musical words and phrases to describe a piece of music.
• Name different musical instruments.
• Confidently perform rhymes, raps and songs.
• Describe a piece of music using musical language.

Key Stage 2
Pupils will learn to play a more advanced musical instrument and learn the skills to compose their own music. They will continue to build on their confidence to perform.
Pupils should be taught to:
• Understand some formal written notation (including, crotchets, rests, minims, quavers, semibreves,
• Listen to and recall sounds with increasing aural memory.
• Play and perform or ensemble contexts with increasing confidence.
• Improvise and compose music for a range of purposes.

To support the delivery of music at Adswood Primary, we use ‘Charanga’- a scheme of work which is interactive, fun and introduces pupils to musical instruments.

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