Across the school, our Maths curriculum is taught in an engaging, creative and structured way with number, application of skills and knowledge and reasoning skills at the centre of each area of the core subject.

Starting with E.Y.F.S, the Development Matters Framework and Mastering the Curriculm Maths is delivered predominantly through play based learning within the wider classroom environment. Weekly objectives from the Framework are taught in key group sessions and these skills are then embedded through play activities. Children are specifically taught; number recognition, shapes and early number facts through direct teaching before being given the opportunity to apply their knowledge through structured play. A visit to our Nursery and Reception classes would reveal happy children playing in water whilst learning the beginning stages of capacity or creating collage style images from common 2D shapes.

Key Stage One and Key Stage Two children are being taught using the White Rose Mathmatic Scheme. Application of arithmetic skills and knowledge through word problems and reasoning is an integral part of every maths lesson. As a school we are following the CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) mastery approach. This is the schools second year on this journey. We have introduced a more structured way of maths lessons which also include a lot more concrete resources. Daily practical activities are designed to aid the whole class teaching before children are given time in small groups to apply their learning through adaptive teaching and tasks. Opportunities are also provided for pupils’ to enhance and apply their mathematical skills and knowledge across other areas of the curriculum, both in and outside the classroom, bringing maths to life and adding to our broad and balanced curriculum. In addition, children are exposed to lots of fun and fast paced learning activities through interactive whiteboard games and online games from websites such as; Times Tables Rock Stars and White Rose 1-Minute Maths.

Assessment is on-going and pupils’ progress and attainment is evidenced in books, learning environments, pupils’ voice, regular work watch, Times Tables Rock Stars progress charts and on our whole school Insight Tracker

In each class, our children are encouraged to extend their own learning through independent extension activities e.g. A.P.E - Answer it, Prove it, Explain it.

As a whole school, we also celebrate Maths Week England and National Number Day every year.

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