Modern Foreign Languages


Learning a language helps the children at Adswood Primary School increase their knowledge and understanding of a different culture through an exploration and appreciation of other cultures, people and communities across French speaking countries.

Our Modern Foreign Languages curriculum is designed to provide the best possible education for all children as they learn together throughout Key Stage 2 by experiencing a scheme of work which is supplemented and intertwined with books and songs that native speakers would share with their own children in France.

French lessons are based upon a programme provided by Culturetheque. 

These lessons are organised into modules which show a clear progression as the children move through Key Stage 2 and continue to build upon their French language acquisition. They recap their previous knowledge while learning new skills.



In Years 3 and 4 there is a primary focus on speaking, listening and initial vocabulary acquisition as well as some reading and writing. By years 5 and 6, the expectations have increased as children begin to apply their skills in more extensive reading and writing activities.

The children build on prior knowledge and the modules allow for gradual development of skills as they provide plenty of opportunities to revisit and consolidate. The lessons are fun, interactive and fast-paced, promoting good listening skills and encouraging lots of speaking throughout. An importance is placed on hearing authentic French and each lesson’s flipchart includes native speakers. There are also a mix of experiences such as songs, games and rhymes.





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