Computing at Adswood Primary School is seen as a vital subject for preparing pupils for their future.

As technology continues to progress at a rapid rate, it is more important than ever to make sure pupils are equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate the digital world.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, Computing skills are weaved throughout the curriculum and is used to enhance many areas, such as; Physical Development, Expressive Arts and Understanding the World. The vast majority of pupils who join our school in EYFS already know how to navigate around an iPad and as they progress through school we see their ability to seamlessly create and interact with online content. 


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From Y1 onwards, the pupils use which guides the pupils through the computing curriculum with a series of structured lessons designed to target specific areas of the curriculum, both with devices and via ‘unplugged’ activities.

Learner Voice is key to ensuring the computing curriculum is engaging, accessible and impactful. We conduct learner voice both in person and digitally, using it as an opportunity for pupils to learn how to respond to emails and complete online forms. The outcomes are always very positive.


The curriculum was chosen because of its inclusive features. The instructions and information are presented in both visual and auditory ways, allowing all students to access and understand the objectives. Video explanations are included in each lesson and the instructions within each task can be read aloud to the pupil. 

The pupils begin at a level that they can access and progress through the activities at their own pace. The software provides feedback as to their performance against the objective. provides pupils with feedback about their performance, using simple colour coded shapes. It recognises if a child has completed the challenge and whether it has been completed in the most efficient way. The children can see this and go back to sections of the lesson and try to improve their algorithms using the least number of blocks of code possible.



Beyond the computing curriculum, the technology in school is used to maximise inclusivity, from children with visual impairments using iPads to have information closer to them, to groups working collaboratively on tasks via the google suite. 

At Adswood, the teaching of Computing is inclusive through quality first teaching. Provision for learners is age appropriate but differentiated to meet the needs of our learners. SEN Support plans outline specific targets for our learners with additional needs.  

All learners at Adswood complete a ‘One Page Profile’ to let their staff teams know how they learn best and what support they might need.

In line with modern technology and the age of portable devices, we are no longer restricted to a traditional ICT Suite. Instead the devices the children can access can be used anywhere in the school. With the computing curriculum being online, the children have access to it anywhere and anytime.

Also too, is the software that the children use to create presentations and word processing documents, which allows for digtal collaboration as easily as if the pupils were writing on the same sheet of paper. 

We also use QR codes to enable quick access to information for the children and to share childrens’ digital work with in books.  


As children progress through the curriculum, they find themselves equipped with knowledge and skills that enable them to code and programme their own games, which they can then share with their peers. 

In a culture where ‘gaming’ plays a part in many pupils lives, the sense of achievement at creating their own game, which can be played by and with friends and even published so it can be played by children across the world is certainly something to celebrate.

As mentioned earlier, computing or the use of technology permeates all areas of the curriculum. From using iPads to access phonics activities or times tables practice, to presenting their writing as an eBook, technology is used to enhance all areas of the curriculum. 


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The ability to share their work and peer assess using the comments feature in google docs has opened up a new interest in assessment and collaboration amongst the older pupils in particular. All the time, teaching the pupils the skills needed to store and retrieve digital content, use search technologies effectively and safely and combining different software.


The digital era in which we currently live and will inevitably continue to be surrounded with more so as technology develops, plays a part in all of our daily lives. Learning beyond the classroom with respect to Computing, is primarily about the application of the e-safety aspect of the curriculum. It is our duty as educators to make sure we equip our pupils with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe while using this ever more prevalent and available technology. 


The information we share within our e-safety lessons is, in my opinion, more appropriate and readily applied than any other curriculum subject (with the exception of Reading) 

E-Safety is an important part of keeping children safe at Adswood Primary School. We believe Internet Safety is a crucial element of the curriculum and an essential part of young people’s development. E-Safety is taught to all pupils as part of our Computing curriculum and PSHE Curriculum, explaining and demonstrating how to stay safe and behave appropriately on line. Follow the links below to access valuable advice and support on how to keep safe when online.




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