Restorative Captains

Adswood Primary is a restorative school.

Our ethos is to work together to resolve issues and disputes, taking responsibility for our actions and developing a sense of empathy with others by holding restorative conversations.

Our Restorative Captains, who have been trained by Mr Clarke our Pastoral & Care Manager in carrying out restorative conversations, monitor play times in our school. They encourage pupils to play together positively, intervene and resolve any issues as they arise and by wearing their Restorative Captain hats, provide a friendly face and reassurance to all the pupils at play times.

As well as play times, staff may call upon their assistance to help resolve issues that they believe they are more suited to deal with-quite often pupils respond better to peer advice and support.

Being a Restorative Captain is a responsible job but, one that our pupils love-just ask them!


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